Friday, July 20, 2007

Kudos to Channel 3, not the Red Sox

Wethr: That's the worst spell of weather I've seen in a long time.

OK, OK, don't shoot. It's in a way of apology for failing to write yesterday. It's complicated and you don't care anyway. Just sorry about that for the loyal readers. Actually, this post has readers in about 20 states and four foreign nations.

We've also been picked up by Web sites and blogs from one about airport parking to a William Shatner Web site to a music buzz site. It's nice to know one isn't howling into the wind unheard.

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Kudos to WFSB Channel 3, the CBS affiliate in Hartford, Conn. When severe thunderstorms with indications that they could be spawning tornadoes struck Connecticut yesterday afternoon (July 19, 2007), Channel 3 stayed on the air with detailed weather reports for more than two hours.

The reports included close-in reports on what appeared to be possible tornado activity in western Connecticut and followed the severe storm as it approached and passed through the Hartford area.

I'm a weather freak anyway, so this was Must See TV for me. It also allowed me to call my wife in Hartford and get her out of harm's way by leaving work early. She was well south of the storm's fury when it hit Hartford.

Of course, nothing is perfect. The National Weather Service today determined that the storm did not spawn a tornado anywhere in Connecticut, despite reports by police that a funnel cloud was spotted on the ground.

Also, some idiot sent in a photo of a tornado and said the photo was taken yesterday in Connecticut. In hindsight, which is always 20/20, editors should have picked up on the fact that the weather reporters were talking about rain-shielded tornadoes and the picture had the tornado in the clear, coming out of what seemed to be a blue sky.

But that type of analysis is impossible when you up to your neck in alligators and the weather reporters did catch it before the special was over. The fact that they kept patting themselves on the back should take nothing away from their work. Kudos to the reporters and to the bean counters who let them stay on the air with few commercial breaks, losing ad revenue that shows like Oprah bring to the station. Good job, guys.

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What's going on with the Boston Red Sox? Yes, they're still 7 games in front of the New York Yankees, but no longer have the best record in baseball. They're below .600. They were beaten by the pathetic Kansas City Royals two games and now by the Chicago White Sox two games.

Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched six innings of good baseball, holding the White Sox to one run and two hits. He suddenly could not find the plate, walking two guys, then a third hitter.

Manny Delcarmen was warming up, or rather drinking water, in the bullpen when this was going on. Manager Terry Francona sat there and didn't replace Matsuzaka until the obviously tired pitcher had given up a single and two runs.

Skip to the last of the ninth inning. There's a guy on first and Dustin Pedroia is up. David Ortiz is next. There are two outs. The White Sox pitcher has problems finding the plate. I think it was three balls and one strike. Does Pedroia stand there taking, with the odds that the next pitch would be a ball? (it was)

Those were good odds, since the ump's strike zone was really small. No, he swings, pops up, and good-bye Charlie. Did anyone tell him to swing, or was that his inexperience? I just hope it was the latter, but we really need some hitting.

I worked in corporations for many, many years and I know that bosses have to make the kind of two-for-one deals that brought J.D. Drew to the Red Sox -- they had to take him to get Matsuzaka. But we really need a right-fielder who can field and hit. Drew certainly isn't it and neither is Wily Mo Pena.

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Another week comes to an end, the first full week of life for granddaughter Elianna and the week of grandson Rafi's birthday.
You know, it really doesn't get any better than that.
Have a great weekend and for those in the Tribe, a great Shabbos.

Until next time...

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