Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Imus may be back; Arab summit may not

Well, there is justice out there in showbiz land after all.

According to Radar via the daily newsfeed at mediabistro.com, Don Imus is due back on WFAN in New York in September and Al Sharpton is OK with it.

Radar takes its clue from a radio broadcast over the weekend in which Imus pal Bo Dietl all but said the I-Man will be back, but details are a little sketchy. It's also unclear which of his staff, including Barnyard McJerk, who led Imus down the path to his firing, would be back if Imus returns to his gig.

The Radar piece also has a list of the Imus regulars who would return to the show as guests, another list of those who would not and yet a third of fence-sitters.

When the incident in which Imus made an ugly, wrong, racist and sexist remark about the Rutgers University women's basketball team, which had just lost a national championship, this post said Imus should be punished, but not so severely.

I still say the punishment was too much for the crime and apparently even Sharpton agrees, when he said he wanted Imus to be punished, but not lose his job for good.

I just hope J. Donald Imus has learned to think about what he's saying and that no matter how many stooges you have around you, it's still your deal if you are the boss.

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Just in time to take some of the heat away from the Iraq mess, there is a new white paper that says the guys who bombed Ground Zero still have it in for the U.S. and are again planning to attack us.

My only question is: When did they stop? This is just another transparent try by the Bushies to focus attention away from Congress as it tries to find something it can do to keep this snowball from rolling all the way down hill.

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Speaking of trying to push that rock uphill, Bush has now decided to convene a Mideast summit like Madrid and has invited the heads of the so-called moderate Arab states to show up.

Moderate Arab states are those who don't throw bombs at Israelis themselves, but pay others to do it for them.

Dennis Ross, the former Mideast negotiator for the first President Bush and the first President Clinton, said last night (July 16, 2007) on Charlie Rose's PBS show that our president was just a year or two late in this move. The time to convene such a meeting was when Abu Mazen, the Palestinian leader, took over after Yasser Arafat finally died.

Ross also said that despite what Bush and Stooge of State Condoleezza Rice say, peace between Palestinians and Israelis was not a panacea for general Mideast tranquility and certainly not for Iraq.

He also said Bush's Mideast policies have so weakened the U.S. standing in the region and indeed in the whole world that Arab leaders could tell Bush to put his conference where the sun doesn't shine, something they would have never dared to do under presidents from Teddy Roosevelt through the first Clinton.

So now that our president has got us into a box, he's asking the Arabs to pleeeeeze show up at this summit and behave as Egypt and Jordan have done: Try to live with the Israelis. This is also an attempt to isolate the terror group Hamas, which because of Bush's meddling now has an election mandate under its belt and which now controls Gaza.

The one ray of light is that Bush has told the Arabs to stop pretending that Israel doesn't exist and start acting like responsible governments. That's really going to happen with a group of 14th century despots with 21st century weapons and money. Nothing was said about Syria's attendance.

Kudos to Ross, who stuck to his guns despite Charlie Rose's trying to push him into blaming Israel for all the problems in the Middle East. Good for you, Dennis. I have to go out and buy his latest book, "Statecraft: And How to Restore America's Standing in the World."

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New Haven, a place with no other problems, is wrestling with whether to ban plastic bags in supermarkets and pharmacies. Forget it. People don't want their frozen foods melting through the cheap paper bags you get in most markets (Trader Joe's excepted), so they'll continue to agitate for plastic bags.

Instead of making this a big political thing, why not just bring the plastic bags back to the store on the next trip, put them into the containers the stores will have set up (Stop&Shop already has them and others may as well). Stop&Shop already said it recycles the bags. Let the stores handle the bags.

After the city solves the crime problem, can educate all its children, can feed, clothe and house all its residents without impoverishing and driving out those who are paying for all this, then worry about plastic bags, for cryin' out loud.

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