Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bring Me The Head of Joe Torre redux

So, why hasn't anyone entered the Bring Me The Head of Joe Torre contest.
First of all, Yankee fans can't imagine the need. After all, Roger (the savior) Clemens will be ready to pitch by the end of the month and that's all that will be needed.
Red Sox fans don't want to give it the evil eye.
There was a guy named Bob Steele who had a radio show (started as a boxing blow-by-blow announcer) at the old WTIC in Hartford.
Every Friday, Steele would give his picks in the high school football contests the next day.
No team wanted Steele to pick it because he was a famous jinx.
This is sort of like that - Red Sox fans can't believe the way the team is going and don't want anything to jinx that.
So, I understand if nobody wants to enter.
But if the lead of Sox over the filthy swine (sorry, I mean Yankees) gets into double digits, maybe it's time to reconsider.
Yeah, I know it's early.
But for now, at least, it's gooooooooooood.
But just in case you want to sign up, you can leave an opinion post or e-mail. Prize is the same -- Len'sLens T-shirt if we ever decide to make any.
Good luck.


Mike said...

They'll stick with Torre until mid-October. I'm not even saying that they'll get into the playoffs. I just think that the front office has enough smart people to counterbalance Steinbrenner these days & they're smart enough to fire the manager when it's being overshadowed by the playoffs & world series. Yankees are going nowhere, by the way.

Mike Olkin said...

Today's yankee starting pitcher is...drumroll please...Tyler Clippard. Meanwhile in Boston, Red Sox 4, Braves zip in the first inning.