Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bring Me the Head fallout

I received the following e-mail a couple of days ago.
Dear Len,
OK, so I think it is pretty clear that I win your contest to say when Alberto G. will resign. I choose May 23 and the closest other guess was April 23. I don't want a t-shirt, I want a blog post from you pointing out my superior understanding of GWB: no one has ever gone broke (mis)underestimating that man!
Yours, ESBE

Dear ESBE:
First of all, thank you for being one of the few, the brave, the contest entrants.

Second, thank you for not wanting a T-shirt. I'm a little short now and I can't bring myself to put ads on my blog. I guess I figure there is no such thing as a free lunch and if I submit to advertising, I also submit to advertisers and I want free reign to make as much of a fool of myself as I wish without any help from Corporate America.

I thought when I started the contest that it would end when Alberto steps down, either voluntarily or with help. The person who came closest to that date would win.

ESBE is indeed the winner if nobody else enters. That seems to be the case since nobody has entered a fresh date since the first posting:

Andrea left a comment on the reminder posting reiterating her first entry.

We'll give it another fortnight (that's two weeks) and if there are no subsequent entries, then ESBE will be declared the winner and will be contacted for the prize of choice:
A chance to rant and rave at will about Bush and how you understand this enigma within a good ol' boy -- as long as it's in good taste (this blog is rated PG) and not libelous (hard to libel the president).

So, ESBE, thanks for your interest and we leave it in the hands of the people. After all this is a democracy (it's not twice - this nation is a republic, but don't tell George the Second, and this blog is a literocracy)

Did I just make up a word?

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Andrea said...

Ok, ok...I was off by a long shot. I've rethunk my vote (am I allowed?) and wish to put in my bid for June 26th. Why not? The Korean War (1950) for all intents and purposes, started on this day, Leonard Peltier was found with a gun at Jumping Bull (1975) and birth pangs of the the War of the Teenage-girl Clothing (1978) were felt. And what the hell, Strom Thurmon died on June 26th. So there we are.