Thursday, February 15, 2007

Who's surprised

Just a few words about the latest and greatest from the Middle East.

Abu Mazen, the Fatah head of the Palestinian Authority and successor to Yasser Arafat, has told his Hamas counterpart to form a government.

That government will be formed based on the framework brought back from the Mecca, Saudi Arabia, meeting last week.

There are three elements that must be there for Israel, the U.S. and the European Union to bless any new government and, more importantly, resume the flow of money to the Arabs who, due to their behavior, have been cut off.

Guess how many of the three elements: the recognition of Israel's right to exist, the renouncing of violence as a political tool and the acceptance of the agreements entered into before the election that (surprise to nobody except President Bush) put Hamas in charge of the Palestinians.

C'mon, guess. How many are there. That's right: none. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Surprised? If you are truly surprised, please don't feel bad. Someone has to play Fredo (I'm smart) Corleone. There has to be someone to bring down the curve.

So, they will go through the process, although its passage has as much chance as a fix-up in the Old City without the Arabs screaming. And the Arabs telling the truth about why they are screaming....if they know.

Just like the "new" tunnel alongside the Western Wall that was built by the Byzantines about 1,000 years ago and the only change was a new entrance that came out in the middle of the Arab market so tourists could buy souvenirs. This ramp fixes one that has been there for generations.

But the Arabs have to have something to cry about. After all, when you can't even govern Gaza, a territory you were handed on a silver platter, you have to divert attention away from your own shortcomings.

Let's look into the future for a moment.

Some 35 or so members of Israel's parliament, the Knesset, have called for the reopening of Joseph's Tomb, which was smashed to pieces days after the Israelis handed over Nablus (it's real name is Schechem).

Yes, it's that Joseph, who is supposed to be revered by Moslems and Christians as well as Jews. It was taken over in a bloody riot. Now, Jews want to visit it again.

Anyone want to bet that the Arabs will give their consent peacefully??