Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pitchers, catchers and baseball, too

"You can't rehearse sincerity. You have to make it up on the spot."
Denny Crane

It seems the New York Yankees aren't even trying to make it up on the spot.

Bernie Williams, that hero of yesteryear, or was it two years ago, is a victim of "what have you done for me lately".

And Mariano Rivera, the killer closing pitcher who fools everyone (except the Boston Red Sox) with his cut fastball, seems to be afraid that he also be a victim of "what have you done for me lately."

In case you missed it, he was quoted as saying that although he wanted to finish his stellar career in New York, he might not be able to. I guess he wants some indication from Yankee big shot Brian Cashman that he won't face the same fate as Bernie.

I guess Mike Olkin was right when he replied to my whining about Mark Bellhorn being signed to a minor-league contract, saying don't feel too sorry for Bell. I guess compared to Bernie and some other older players around the game, Bell did OK.

Along with Rivera, catcher Jorge Posada will be a free agent at the end of this season and one must wonder if he, too, will be given the boot, as Williams was.

Look, the Yankees are the best team money can buy. But there has to be a little heart, too. I hope Rivera and Posada, if faced with the same choices as Bernie Williams, will take the high road and retire.

Rivera is a sure bet for the Hall of Fame and Posada might make it, too. Neither, I hope, needs the money. Go out with your heads held high.

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