Monday, February 5, 2007

A true world series is going on

Well, the Super Bowl, which was anything but super, is over and that who-needs-it all-star game is next week. The season for football, which died two weeks ago, is finally having the good sense to lie down.

So, summer baseball season is about to kick off.

But the winter baseball season is ending. The Caribbean playoffs are going on in Puerto Rico. The top teams from each nation get to play each other, which makes it a true world series...for those places where it's warm, that is.

The last time I looked, the Dominican Republic was kicking some serious butt. Puerto Rico was doing well until it ran into the Dominican Republic, which embarrassed the home-island squad 16-0. Ouch. And they did it without Big Popi.

They'll be playing for another two or three days. It's worth taking a look -- it's good baseball if your cable system carries it. Actually, it's good baseball whether your cable system carries it or not.

So, now, back to U.S. baseball.

The Red Sox are seeking a closer after deciding to move crusher Jon Papelbon to a starting rotation.

Don't ask me about what's going to happen. I was the guy who was running around saying the Sox should get rid of Julian Tavarez, the guy who slid into a producing starting slot in September.

It should be interesting.

A parting thought. New York has the 2008 All-Star Game. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the plurality of all-stars playing that game were from the Red Sox?

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