Friday, August 10, 2007

You should not cause the blind to falter

There seems to be a love for the blind spot lately. Maybe I just haven't noticed it, but I think it's having a resurgence.

Those who read this space regularly (thank you) know I rant and rave about driving from time to time.

Lately, there seems to be a love for getting into the blind spot and staying there for some time. For those who do not drive, the blind spot is on the right side of a car and to the rear, a place where no mirror seems to be able to show the driver.

The danger, of course, is a car in the left lane wants to go into the right lane, doesn't see the car traveling in the blind spot, and an accident occurs. The is particularly dangerous if the car has been there for a long time and you haven't taken notice of it for some time. I've had cars riding in my blind spot for miles on highways.

The one that gets me is ego-challenged driver whom you are passing, but then decides that he won't let you get in front of him. He, for whatever reason, won't completely pass you on the right, but installs himself in your blind spot and stays there.

After a while, you've forgotten about this clown. So, you turn on your right signal and prepare to pull into the right lane. He's too far up on your side to see the signal (i try to leave a five-count between signaling and pulling over) and the first reminder you get of his presence is an angry blast on the horn. That's if you're lucky and you don't hear a screech of metal.

Friends, let's try not to do this. Passengers, you may wish to remind the driver from time to time that there is a good-sense challenged person in the blind spot.

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There seems to be a slight difference of opinion between the state and the city over the building of the Gateway community college campus between Church and Temple streets where Macy's used to be.

In angry letters, Jim Fleming, head of the state Department of Public Works, is blaming the city and Mayor John DeStefano in particular for a series of bungles, missed deadlines and just plain rudeness.

The rudeness comes from the mayor's delegation of letter-writing to Fleming on the project. Fleming asks the mayor whether the passing along of letter-writing to an underling represents a lessening of the city's commitment to project.

My word, doesn't Jim Fleming know there's a war on, a war against the feds to protect illegal aliens (no, not Uncle Martin)? Is Jim Fleming so installed in his ivory tower in Hartford that he doesn't know DeStafano is in a desperate battle with those who would defeat him for mayor? Doesn't he know there is favor to curry, babies to kiss, senior citizens' backs to pat, city managers' performance evaluations to hide and the like? My word, what is a community college and a few dozen million dollars in unnecessary expenses compared to that?
No wonder the state is so messed up.

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So, Barry Bonds has passed Hank Aaron, who passed Babe Ruth, who passed....

I think in the Christian Testament, it says something like "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." In the Hebrew Bible, the accuser was expected to throw the first stone to execute someone by stoning. So, if we can find someone who never went over the speed limit, never got away with not paying some taxes, never padded an expense get the message.
Until we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Bonds was juiced during those years, let's just give him a well-done and get on with our lives.

I think this week will start to show whether the New York Yankees deserve to be in the past-season. They have been kicking some serious butt, but have been doing it with teams well under .500. Let's see how they do when they start playing teams like Cleveland and others that are at or near the top of their divisions. If they can do that, as the Boston Red Sox have, then we have a horse race. If not...well the best team money can buy will have to wait another year.

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Even though it's pouring down rain today (Aug. 10, 2007), the weekend weather looks good, so let's get out there and have some fun. Labor Day is only a three weeks away come Monday, and school will soon be upon us (parents, prepare to celebrate). So let's get out there and have fun.

Shoshana Olkin, who turned 6 last week, will be honored at a party at her parents' home in Amherst, Mass., Sunday. Happy Birthday again, Shoshie. See you then.

All have a great weekend and for those in the Tribe, a good Shabbos.

Until next time...

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