Thursday, August 23, 2007

How George got to be president

Now I know how George W. Bush got to be president of the United States.

We recently spent some time in a southern state, at a very pleasant hotel right near the beach. The water was wonderful, just enough of a surf to be fun but not enough to be harmful.

The water temperature was fantastic. It's hard to believe that the same Atlantic Ocean that fast-freezes your feet on Cape Cod or Maine is just below body temperature in South Carolina.

The hotel had a water attraction called Lazy River. It's a oval water boulevard about 50 feet long. The idea is to ride a tube about 30 inches in diameter, with two handles to hold, along this lazy river. The water moves lazily, carrying, one would think, a half dozen or so people floating along this waterway. It could be a wonderful way to contemplate the world while relaxing.

The Lazy River is entered by a three-step stairway with handles to hang onto while putting yourself on or lifting yourself off the tube. Pretty simple, right?

The group of people staying in this hotel are from all over the East Coast and Midwest. Lots of smokers, lots of people who have digested way too much sugar and animal fat, but who want to be in the height of beach fashion. Get the picture?

I've decided that this Lazy River is somebody's sociology or psych experiment. Can a cross-section of the USA figure out this attraction? The answer is no.

Instead of floating around this river, many people, adults as well as children, eschew the swimming pool 10 feet away and decide to swim around this river. To make matters worse, some people took root on the stairway where you are supposed to load and unload from the river. Some people walked around the river, carrying children.

This is a simple test of getting it and many of the people failed. Those who got it seemed to come from the Northeast and upper Midwest. Those who didn't get it are from places that voted for George W. Bush.

It makes sense. Those who don't get it voted for a guy who doesn't get it.

So now I know how George got to be president.

Anyway, I have been gathering information for the Lens, especially on the housing crisis. I have not been writing each day, but will resume in a few days. Please check back every couple of days. Thanks.

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