Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sometimes the answer is no

This isn't going to be a long post because there isn't a lot to say.

The Boston Red Sox just don't seem to have the will to win. But it's more than that.

God answers all prayers, all requests for help.

Sometimes, He says no.

How else do you explain the Sox losing as badly as they have to teams like the Baltimore O's. At this point, one would have to pick the Mets over these Sad Sacks.

There are highly paid players who look as if they want to hit the ball, but just can't. There are those, like Dustin (the lunger) Pedroia, who play flat out all the time, when perhaps a little more finesse is needed. There are those who stand a the plate, facing a pitcher who could not find the strike zone with a guide dog, where I could stand there and work a walk, and yet feel compelled to hack at the pitch.

Swinging at a pitch headed for the dirt is one thing, but swinging after the pitch has hit the dirt?

It has to be divine intervention. Terry Francona, the manager, is where he is because his predecessor, Grady Little, left a pitcher in too long. So what did he do last night? He left Beckett in one pitch too long. Beckett was tired. The pitching coach had run out and there was a man warmed up, or close enough so that a prolonged chat at the mound by the coach and then by the manager would have allowed the bullpen guy to finish warming.

But no....he leaves Beckett in for one last batter.

Wham. Inside the park home run. Four runs. Time for the Brooklyn Dodger refrain."Wait until next year."

So if the Yankees beat the Rays twice and the Sox manage to somehow win one, then the inevitable will be postponed for a few days.

Unless, of course, God changes His mind.

That's what miracles are.

Until next time....

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