Friday, January 9, 2009

A few thoughts before the snow

Happy Friday. It's been a busy week around here, both with work and volunteer stuff. 

It's also been a worried week, what with the war in Gaza going on with no end in sight. In fact, at this point, it's probably better to let the Israelis clean up the mess the Bush democracy-at-any-price strategy made with getting the Hamas elected in the first place.

A letter writer to the New York Times had an interesting point. "The citizens of Gaza knowingly elected a gang of extremist thugs that opts for war at every turn and puts its own civilians on the front lines. With freedom comes responsibility. When the people elect war, they get war. The Israelis have been very clear that they would continue to maintain a blockade until Hamas recognizes the Jewish state's right to exist. Again, if Gaza elects rejectionism and belligerency, complaints against the logical consequences ring hollow," writes a person from New Mexico.

"If all children of refugees decide to take up arms because they do not choose to be where they have found themselves, most of the world would be at war," the writer said.

Another writer said:"Perhaps the fact that Israel looks to protect its citizens with sirens and bomb shelters while Hamas, in turn, shelters itself by hiding among innocent civilians has more to do with the resulting death tolls than the actual force used," writes another.

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It's late and I need to prepare for the Sabbath, but if I don't complain about something, my readers might think it's not really my blog.

Just a question: Why do cashiers at supermarkets insist on wrapping your change, coupons and receipts into around each other, hand this mess back to you while you are trying to put your grocery bags into your cart, and then look at you as if you are slowing down the line? 

I really do want an answer.

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I'll never forget the headline in the Journal-Courier of New Haven, "Brutal Weather Headed OurWay" I'll not identify the author because he's still laboring for a newspaper in the state (not New Haven). Of course, people who saw that headline were picking up their papers on a sunny, warm winter's day. 

So I won't carp too much about the weather headed toward New Haven. But those who care should know that the Our Place Cafe and the rehearsal of the Mizmor L'Dovid Boys Choir, both scheduled for Saturday night, are canceled. We're supposed to get up to 10 inches of snow, starting Saturday afternoon and ending Sunday morning.

The weather people haven't been too accurate was supposed to be warm Wednesday. And some of these people should be wearing red noses and large shoes. When you act like a clown, you should dress like one.

Anyway, stay safe, have a great weekend and for those in the Tribe, a great Shabbos. The snow should hold off until after services on Saturday, but you may want to daven Mincha early in the afternoon.

Until next time...

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James said...

When people elect war, they get war? What about children, people who didn't vote, and people who didn't vote for Hamas? What should they get? What about people who voted for Hamas but didn't want war?

To put this in domestic perspective, some people might think that the people in the USA elected war in 2004 when Bush was re-elected Bush. Does that justify post-2004 attacks on the United States? If so, what happens if people who didn't vote for Bush got killed in such an attack? Children? Would it be just a tragedy? Or would they have deserved it, too?

And since when did Israel need Hamas's position to exist? And who on earth would "choose" to be in a refugee camp in Gaza? At best, it's a rotten, squalid, overcrowded, blockaded canton. Granted, there are some who live in Gaza who have always lived in Gaza, and like it that way, but the vast majority are from modern-day Israel. Therein lies the conondrum, Len. It's not like being a refugee in Vermont, it's just not.