Saturday, September 6, 2008

GOP convention enough to make a vulture barf

OK, OK, I give up.

I really tried to watch the May and December show at the Republican National
Convention this week, but I just couldn't stomach it.

Anyone who has read in this space knows I have little use for George W.
Bush. But these 20,000 party faithful, among millions of others, who sat on
their hands while he turned a large surplus into a record deficit, took us
to an unnecessary war while allowing the people who DID knock down those
buildings to roam free and turned this nation into an international pariah,
had the guts to turn their backs on him and Vice President Dick Cheney. Well,
they should be ashamed.

And John McCain, who went along with Bush and company the vast, vast
majority of the time, had the balls (sorry) to stand there and try to
disassociated himself from the Washington establishment, should be doubly

For McCain to stand there and preach reconciliation after his attack dog,
Mr. 911 himself, Rudolph Giuliani, lisped his way through a smarmy, nasty
pack of lies and half-truths that ran 13 minutes long.

And then for McCain to stand there and say that he and his handlers' pick for vice
president were going to turn Washington upside down. Where has he and that
Quisling Joe Lieberman been for the past decades? The GOP had control of all
three branches of government for most of the past eight years and a majority
of the past 30 years, and McCain stands there and pretends not to be part of
the Washington rat pack.

Who did he think he was kidding? Here's a guy who, until very recently had
been against drilling for oil along the coast and in protected Alaska wilds,
who was leading the "drill baby drill" contingent. It was enough to make a
vulture barf.

Here's a guy who really wanted Lieberman as vice president so he could
really lead an inclusive government. Again, his handlers, kowtowing to the
far right, the radical right, talked him out of it. They must have shown him
photos of the Oval Office. For them, the end justifies the means, and now,
for him, it apparently does as well.

And his Alaskan attack dog, the hockey mom, who would take away the very
choice her daughter had when she found that her mom was wrong about
there being no need for birth control education. She had some good lines and
delivered them in her whiny voice. She sounded like the sorority girls from
"Animal House." I'm better than you, even though I trying to tell you that I
am you. Sorry, you can't have it both ways.

Anyway, it was enough. After Hillary Rodham Clinton lost the nomination,
both my wife and I were wondering whom to vote for, or whether to vote at

Watching the GOP this week changed all that.

OK, Barack, where to we sign up?

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Sorry, I wanted to post this Friday, but technical difficulties got in the way.

So, I hope everyone is weathering the storm OK

And for those in the Tribe, I hope you had a great Shabbos and have a great week.

Until next time...

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