Friday, June 20, 2008

Coming soon at a Len's Lens near you

It's been crazy the last couple of days around the ranch.

Yesterday, we took our granddaughter, who lives in New York City, to the aquarium at Norwalk and to a kosher restaurant in New Rochelle. More about that in another posting.

Today, it was off to Norwalk. If you own a Braun electric shaver, the closest place to buy replacement parts or have it serviced is in Norwalk. This is an old-fashioned (in a good way) shop with one guy running the whole thing and so many things to be repaired, already repaired, waiting to be sold and what have you, there is little room for the shopkeeper and customers.

We have been on the road for two days straight and have formed a definite opinion about the state of drivers around here.

So: for next week, here's the tentative schedule for next week.

Tuesday (I'll tell you more about Monday later in the week): Ranting and raving about drivers, cars and a short, two-day unscientific survey about whether the price of gas has changed any habits.

Wednesday, if nothing urgent presents itself, the last of last year's travel pieces: Yorktown, Va. and environs and we finally get off U.S. 17.

Thursday: Politicians who don't keep their promises (do any?)

Friday: Whatnot.

Michael, thank you for your comment on Tuesday's posting about Charleston, S.C. and kosher places in that area. More about that later, after I have had a chance to digest what you wrote.

Have a great weekend, you all, and for those in the tribe: have a great Shabbos.

Until next time...

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