Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Could the worm be turning?

Let me say a few words about the primaries that are still going on at midnight Wednesday (March 5, 2008).
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton may have snatched the momentum from Sen. Barack Obama by winning Ohio and Rhode Island and it looks as if Texas may also go for her. Texas politics reminds me of the way Connecticut used to be: Politicians can do anything they want because nobody could figure out what's going on because it is so complicated.

Texas has primaries, caucuses and complicated rules. It's wild and woolly.

In the past weeks, Clinton and the reporters who cover the election have finally begun looking for that man behind the curtain. That, of course, is a reference to the Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy is told not to look for the man behind the curtain because the Great and Mighty Oz is just a guy with a megaphone.

Obama's gaffe in allowing a highly placed adviser to talk to the Canadians, telling the Ottawa officials that Obama really doesn't mean what he was saying about NAFTA. In the last debate, he said he was always against NAFTA, but is that really the case? As Paul Balaga, admittedly a Clinton supporter, said on CNN last night, if this adviser was operating without his boss' approval, that adviser has to be fired. Does Obama not know about how to deal with international relations?

I think we are finding that the rhetoric only gets us so far. Bringing people together is the method, not the end in itself. It is far different to bring people together for a good purpose than just to bring them together.

I'm still for Hillary for the stated reasons: She's much better prepared. She's not an empty shirt, a great talker who can't cut it when the chips are down. She's been there, done that.

Tonight, when Obama was speaking to his supporters, he started to look less like Clarence Darrow in the Scopes monkey trial, and more like William Jennings Bryan, more like a man spouting his words, but the words are starting to sound hollow.

Maybe, just maybe, the worm might be turning.

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