Monday, April 16, 2007

In tragedy, Bush looks after his friends

In her wonderful late-1990s book, "Shrub," Molly Ivins predicted that if George W. Bush were elected president, he would always be sure to take care of his friends, no matter the consequences.

There was a horrible incident today (April 16, 2007) at Virginia Tech. At this count, more than 30 people have been shot to death.

Right now, at 5:30 p.m., we don't know much. Why did this man shoot all these people? Who was he? What is his background? Why did university officials keep the campus open after an early-morning shooting spree?

Some of these questions will be answered -- the shooter's name, background, maybe even a motive. Others we may never know: What was going through his mind, for instance.

But we do know one thing: In the midst of the unspeakable horror, our president is taking care of his pals.

In his comment on this tragedy, he made sure to mention that people have a right to bear arms. Never mind that if this killer had shown up with a knife or spear or bow or axe or any other type of weapon, the death toll would certainly have been lower. Much lower. Like, maybe, zero.

People have a right to have guns. That's what's first and foremost in what is laughingly called W's mind. Take care of your pals. Dance with the one what brung ya.

Thank you for your insight, Mr. President. I hope it brings comfort to those whose children went to class today and never came back.

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Tumerica said...

So exactly true. Taking care of his friends--and even defensive--as though this were somehow an attack against him. Instead of simply sharing some of the grief. So out of touch as to be a sort of maniac.