Thursday, March 29, 2007

Time may be short on Gonzalez contest

Readers of these ramblings will remember there is a contest going on.
Despite the promotion of this contest in the New Haven Independent, only four of you have stepped forward to put in your bid for a Len'sLens T-shirt, if we ever make them.
So, let's reiterate.
Go to this URL and make your prediction on when Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez will get the boot from his good buddy and pal forever George Bush.
Why now?
Well, today, March 29, 2007, Kyle Sampson, the former (just quit) chief of staff for Gonzalez, told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that his boss was being less than truthful about the attorney general's role in firing eight U.S. Attorneys.
Well, when your Leo McGarry (as in West Wing) gets up in front of the Senate panel and calls you a liar, well, it just may be time to polish up the old resume.
We know that Bush has a talent for avoiding the obvious (unless you're Joe Lieberman, that is), but how long can even he avoid the truth. Don Rumsfeld found out that even Bush can't hold out forever. That's former Defense Secretary Rummy (emphasis on the former), to those who have been living in a cave for the past four years.
Actually, living in a cave may have its points, but with a Democratic Congress around, looking for a place to hide can wait for a couple of years anyway.
But I digress. Get your prediction in soon. And for those who predicted a long time before Gonzalez gets the boot, you may want to make another prediction.
There's no rule that says you can only predict once.
Good Luck.

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Andrea said...

I stick by my April 10th deadline for Gonzalez' oust.

And for a good laugh, check out my historiantics: