Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush didn't sacrifice Israel

Sorry I've been away. So much to do around the house. I also didn't want to predict the future by talking about what Bush would do or what the reaction would be. I'll leave that to Mitch McConnell.

So, now about Bush and, oh yeah, my new best friend, Chrissy Dudd.

If this doesn't make sense, don't worry about it. It makes sense to me.

Bush last night (Jan. 10, 2007) came out with his newest old idea about Iraq. I almost feel sorry for the Baker commission, that collection of has-beens who published their ideas about Iraq and were then ignored.

But I'm glad Bush didn't follow one of their 72 proposals (one for each virgin a Muslim fanatic gets to be with after blowing him or herself up).
That one would be let Israel take the pipe for the good of that collection of dictators and feudal lords that to whom we have hitched our wagon in the Middle East.

In the Baker report, and in an op-ed piece by Brent Scowcroft, the collection of has-beens who haven't had an original thought since before Papa Bush was in the White House, want Israel to again sacrifice itself for the common good of the sheiks, rattlers (as in snake) and high-rollers.

The idea went like this: If we could persuade Israel to lay down for a barrage of Scud missiles from Iraq during the 1991 war, maybe they'd do it again. We'll say that the only way to solve the Middle East problem is to make up a coalition of our friends in the region. And they'll be much more willing to kick in if Israel gave up to the Palestinians.

Give those guys what they want -- no matter that Israel has sacrificed many times (the Sinai, Gaza, 90 percent of the West Bank, much of its water and all of its oil reserves) and gotten nothing back for it except more bombs and shootings. And never mind that the Palestinians have made a world-class mess out of Gaza since the Israelis pulled out.

So, we can get the Jews to put their heads on the chopping block once again. Once the Palestinians have been placated, then Hamas and Hizbollah will just go away and all our Arab friends will be one big, happy family. And the Shia and the Sunnis will kiss and hug and all will be wonderful in Iraq. And Syria will suddenly blossom into another democracy, just like Lebanon.

Hey, it worked in 1991. It worked for Egypt, which got the Sinai and Sharm el-Sheikh back. And it worked for the Jordanians, who got half the water running in the former Jordan River, now the Jordan creek. It will work again. The guys running Israel now are not up to the standard of Arik Sharon or Yitzchak Rabin or even Bibi Netanyahu. Let's go for it.

Guys, you gotta know what kind of mushrooms you've got before you start eating them.

At least, Bush, in his mindless ramble last night, didn't stoop that low.

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malka and avraham said...

Len-love your comments .Keep up the good job and don't let anyone get away with anything.
Shabbat Shalom
M and A Shrybman